England vs India 2018, 3rd Test: 3 mistakes India cannot afford to make

Already down 0-2 in the Test series, India don’t have the luxury of erring even once.

#1 The two spinners theory

Thing's haven't been going India's way so far. ​Thing's haven't been going India's way so farThe Indian team has been enjoying a lot more relaxation time than was originally planned. Not because of any sudden change in the schedule but owing to some docile capitulation. The second Test lasted 170.3 overs which is effectively less than 2 days of play and India were at the receiving end on the most part.Ashwin top scoring with 29 and 31 in both the innings at Lord’s speaks volumes about the helpless state India have put themselves in. Things do not augur well for the Indian camp if they persist with the tactics which have dug their grave.Some bizarre groundless stratagems adopted by the Kohli and Shastri duo has backfired in mammoth proportions and no one will be more disappointed than Kohli himself. Kohli is a champion superstar and champions don’t make the same mistakes again.Quite frankly India don’t have the luxury of erring even once. Here are the mistakes which India can’t afford to make in the 3rd test.Kuldeep's inclusion in the Lord's test surprised one and allAs much as everyone wanted Kohli to nurture young Kuldeep in the test arena, Lord’s was the last place people expected the chinaman to roll his arms over. It was a gamble which might have heaped praises on Kohli had Kuldeep struck gold. But alas! It was not to be.The consistent full-tosses were just fish and chips for the English batters. Ashwin impressed all and sundry in the first test and little did we know that Kohli would ask for his services as late as the 39th over at Lord’s. Ashwin should be utilized prudently and the more Kohli invests faith in his premier offie the better he will make the ball talk.​

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