Tendulkar Ready to Help Federer Master the Straight Drive, But Conditions Apply

Tendulkar Ready to Help Federer Master the Straight Drive, But Conditions Apply

From Wimbledon and ICC, it has now moved over to Roger Federer and Sachin Tendulkar as the two legends discussed helping each other out with their trademark shots on the tennis court and cricket field respectively. The cricket legend went on to add that he was eager to exchange notes with the tennis superstar post the Wimbledon. But he first wants to learn how to play the backhand before teaching Federer how to play the straight drive.

But Tendulkar made it clear that he first needed help with Federer’s signature backhand shot and only then he would teach the maestro how to play the straight drive.

Earlier, Federer responded via Twitter to Sachin Tendulkar and said he was keen on taking notes from the master blaster as soon as he could.

Federer, who plays Kevin Anderson in the quarter-final of the Wimbledon is on course for a ninth title at the iconic All England Club was invited by Tendulkar to exchange notes about cricket after he wins his ninth crown.

This exchange was made possible after Roger Federer took to channelling his inner Sachin Tendulkar while playing his Round of 16 match on Centre Court at the All England Club on 'Manic' Monday.

The Swiss maestro swept away his opponent Adrian Manarinno in three sets, but it was a nonchalant flow of the racket in the third set which caught the eyes of willow-lovers.

Federer over-hit a backhand and when his opponent courteously returned the ball, the eight-time Wimbledon champion elected to display his cricket skills, with a punched forward defence, which didn't go unnoticed by Wimbledon's social media accounts.

The 36-year-old is more renowned for defending tennis titles than forward defences, but this dexterous left-handed shot displayed his innate sporting talent. Furthermore, it was straight out the middle of the strings.

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