How Pat Cummins lost part of his middle finger

How Pat Cummins lost part of his middle finger

It is thought that the middle finger of the bowling arm is vital in generating outswing. However, looking at the ball which Australia’s Pat Cummins bowled to get Joe Root out in the 4th Ashes Test, one would be hard-pressed to believe that the pace merchant misses the top portion of his middle finger.

Cummins, one of the leading pace bowlers in the world based on current form, was around three years old when he lost part of his finger. His sister accidentally slammed the door on his finger, taking about a centimetre off the injured finger.

If one looks closely at his bowling hand, it can be seen that the middle finger of his right hand is of the same length as the index finger.

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"It doesn’t really affect me because the affected finger is about the same length as the other one (the index finger)," Cummins had said in an interview in 2011, on the eve of his international debut. He had jokingly added that he still gets his sister in tears because she had slammed a door on his finger.

Brett Lee had later said that Cummins’s finger might even be seen as an advantage. His unique predicament "may aid the ball coming out of the fingers with a nice seam position," Lee had analyzed.

Pat Cummins has taken 24 wickets in the four Ashes Tests this year so far. He is part of the Australia squad for the final Test as well. He is the only pacer who Australia have played in all the matches in this year’s Ashes series.

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