IPL 2019, RR vs KXIP: Ben Stokes says he will not 'Mankad' Virat Kohli in World Cup if situation arises

New Delhi: Shane Warne asked if all those backing Ravichandran Ashwin would be fine with Ben Stokes 'Mankading' Virat Kohli. The Englishman tried to put the matter to rest, saying he wouldn't even attempt such a move.

Ashwin, who is the captain of Kings XI Punjab, ran out Rajasthan Royals opener Jos Buttler, who was at the non-striker's end, on his delivery stride in an IPL match in Jaipur on Monday.

The act has left the cricket world divided on the 'spirit of the game'. While some former cricketers like Dean Jones found nothing wrong, some others questioned the Indian's move.

Warne, the brand ambassador of Rajasthan Royals, was the most vocal in his criticism of Ashwin, calling his act disgraceful. And addressing those who saw nothing wrong in what Ashwin did, Warne asked if they would hold the same view if the batsman at the receiving end was Kohli and the bowler Stokes.

"...If Ben Stokes did what Ashwin did to @imVkohli it would be ok ?" he tweeted.

Stokes, who incidentally plays for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL, responded to the query. "Hopefully I'm playing in the World Cup final and if @imVkohli is batting when I'm bowling I would never ever ever ever ever ever.....just clarifying to the mentions I've received #hallabol," he tweeted.

Buttler's dismissal was the first case of 'Mankading' in the 12 editions of IPL.

While Ashwin was well within his rights as per ICC's rule 41.16, according to which even a warning to the batsman is not necessary, the incident has ended up creating a storm.

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