GrabOn Cricket Fantasy starts with a bang! Over 50,000 participants, winning Big Prizes!

GrabOn Cricket Fantasy starts with a bang! Over 50,000 participants, winning Big Prizes!

With the IPL fever gripping the nation to their television screens, people playing with their own teams in GrabOn Cricket Fantasy are Winning Big Prizes. With an all expenses paid trip to Kuala Lumpur offered exclusively by Klook, Asia’s largest in-destination booking platform. The trip includes spending a night in a canopy with a Safari night walk, Treks and the famous rapid shooting in Teman Negara. With GrabOn Fantasy Cricket, players have a shot at winning this and other exciting prizes.

Commenting on this association, Mr Eric Gnock Fah, COO & Co-Founder of Klook said, "We are pleased to associate with GrabOn - Cricket Fantasy 2018 as a grand prize partner to offer in-destination experiences to the winners. The youth of today's generation are looking for more adventurous trips and we love to provide unique itineraries in small surprises. We are happy to support GrabOn to create a win-win for both of our users, where the youth and enthusiastic cricket fans get a chance to explore the world, starting with a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Malaysia. Klook loves cricket as much as everyone else in India and we are pleased to bring the spirit to the next level with our handpicked, off-the-beaten-path global travel experiences.”

Featuring games like Fantasy League, GrabOn Predictor, Stump Cards and a Bonus Points Arena to get as many points possible, for the prizes are Big! Over 250 people take home prizes, exclusively brought by Klook, Mivi, Soundbot, Xoxoday and more. The prizes include vacation packages, Headphones, gift vouchers and much more.

We are very satisfied with the level of participation that we had so far. We would like to thank our Title Sponsor Medlife, and Co-Sponsors Xiaomi and Rummy Passion, our radio partner 92.7 BIG FM and our communications partner Truecaller’, said Mr. Ashok Reddy, Founder & CEO of GrabOn. He also mentions the significant contribution from offline partners in the form of Cafe Heart Cup Coffee and The Beer Cafe outlets.

With 50,000 other players, tensions run high in the GrabOn Cricket Fantasy. In the Fantasy League, you can buy your own teams with the players you think have a chance of scoring high points. You trade players before every match, and your team makes points if your players perform on field. Batsmen score points for runs they make, bowlers and fielders win points for maiden overs and wickets.You think you know which players will perform and which players are bound to crash? Test your instincts and play with your own team.

In GrabOn predictor, you make predictions on the match, and depending on how strongly your gut tells you the outcome, you can bid on it.You can bid on the season predictions, Who would win the purple cap? Who would win the orange cap?You can also bid on match statistics,Whowins the toss?Who gets to bat first? Which team scores more in the first six overs? Which team would win? If your predictions are correct you get points according to however many points you bid. The predictor lets you score a few more cool points to let you take the prize home.

If your skill in Fantasy League or the GrabOn predictor lets you down Stump Cards is introduced by GrabOn Fantasy Cricket. In this exciting game of luck, you have to choose two cards for every ball, and you get to play three overs. If the two cards you chose are identical you get that number of runs. Total no. of runs scored are multiplied by five and added to your total points.with all this and more way to score points like referring your friends and logging in through true caller, daily sign in bonuses and more.

As GrabOn enters the last leg of the cup, you know the rules of the games. You know the prizes to be won. If you want to win you can log in too, to win big log in here.

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