How Desi Fans 'Added' a Million Subscribers to Australian YouTube Channel During India's Cricket Tour

How Desi Fans 'Added' a Million Subscribers to Australian YouTube Channel During India's Cricket Tour

India is big on cricket. And as the India-Australia series wound up, many of our desi janta — office goers, students prepping for exams, and others who couldn't watch the matches or parts of it — ended up on an Australia-based YouTube channel to watch the 'highlights'.

With it's Friday victory in Melbourne, Team India managed for the first time to win both a Test and an ODI series in Australia on the same tour.

The 2-1 ODI win was special for Indians and the highlights from the decider match posted by the YouTube channel - were watched by millions of Indians. In fact, the match highlights uploaded on YouTube on Friday has been trending in India at #1 spot for the last three days with 18 million views.


But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Since India's tour of Australia began on November 21, 2018, the's YouTube channel has seen a ridiculous surge in its subscribers and daily views.

In just one month, the channel has seen nearly a million new followers to its subs list, taking its count from 1.9 million in December to approximately 2.9 million subscribers in January.

(Note: These numbers do not include subscribers that were added during November 21 - December 23)

subs count and daily views

(Credits: Socialblade)

A deeper look into the numbers revealed that the 3rd Test match played at MCG (26 Dec-30 Dec) and the 4th Test at SCG (Jan 3 to Jan 7) alone gave a boost of half a million subscribers.


How did the videos fare, you ask? Take a look:


India's historic Test victory's highlights video was viewed more than 10m times.


Would it be a stretch to say that the meteoric rise in's sub count in the recent past is because of Indians? We don't think so. In a country that houses the second biggest YouTube channel (T-Series) in the world with a sub count of 81.5 million subscribers (and growing), anything is possible.

Now, we do not have the exact numbers of how many cricket fans from India actually tuned in to in the last 2 months, but if the sheer enormity of comments left by desis on each and every video uploaded during the tour is anything to go by, they could be instrumental in the gargantuan growth of the channel.

desi comments 1

desi comments 3

desi comments

But will the janta stick by, now that the tour is over?

Looks like the Indian YouTube army is next headed to the YouTube channel that will host the tour of New Zealand, starting January 23rd.

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