5 top one-handed catches in international cricket since the turn of the century

5 top one-handed catches in international cricket since the turn of the century

A one-handed catch carries a special significance in the game of cricket.

A risky technique to pull off and most commonly used in a situation where nothing else would work, a catch of this style always helps the reputation of the sport, with fans witnessing a great athletic feat.

Some of the top one-handed catches are born out of desire more than necessity, making the act all the more entertaining to watch as it displays feats of courage, strength, smartness and great athleticism.

Here we take a look at five of the most brilliant catches in international cricket.

#5 Yuvraj Singh vs South Africa 

India took on South Africa in 2002 ICC Champions trophy semi-final and it was a catch that turned the tide for India that saw them defeat South Africa and progress to the final.

Yuvraj Singh's catch to dismiss Jonty Rhodes is at number five on the list. The young Indian cricketer at the time was positioned at short fine leg when Rhodes attempted to sweep Harbhajan Singh but didn't connect as well as he had hoped with the ball clipping the top edge. 

Yuvraj made an outstretched attempt diving towards his right side, extending his right arm towards the dipping ball, collecting it in his palm inches away from hitting the ground.

The dismissal saw India get back on track in the game and introduced Yuvraj Singh on the international stage. 

#4 Trent Boult vs West Indies

The exciting, quick left-arm seam bowler from New Zealand has a couple of great catches in his young career so far. But this particular catch against the West Indies in a T20 game was a moment of genius from the Kiwi and comes in at four on the list.

Positioned at deep mid wicket, a short ball has been hooked in his direction and headed for a maximum, but Boult adjusts his footing wary of the boundary line, extends his right arm over his head grabbing onto the ball, only for his momentum to take him over the line.

However, Boult is aware of stepping over the line and before doing so, tosses the ball he's caught back over the line and dives to pick it up with his left hand, producing a cricketing moment of true brilliance.

#3 Kieron Pollard vs Australia

At three on the list is another catch on the boundary line, as Kieron Pollard pulled off a remarkable effort to dismiss Glenn Maxwell.

Sunil Narine's delivery pitched outside off stump was well picked up by Glenn Maxwell who figured the ball was going into the stands but in leapt Kieron Pollard at deep mid wicket, raising his outstretched right hand plucking the ball out the air, getting rid of Maxwell. 

A staggering feat of great athleticism by a big man who is known for his antics on the field produced one of the greatest catches in an international game.

With a few more great catches across his name, Pollard is simply, without doubt, a complete cricket player, with great batting, bowling and fielding skills.

#2 Paul Collingwood vs Australia 

Arguably one the greatest English fielders of all time, Paul Collingwood has numerous dismissals of varying types that could fill the entire list.

But this one-handed catch against rivals Australia is an absolute peach. With Andrew Flintoff bowling a rather short wide ball to Matthew Hayden, it is cut away by the Aussie opener fiercely towards the fielder at point.

The player positioned there was Paul Collingwood who flung himself towards his left, yet grabbed the ball with his outstretched right hand, pulling off the most incredible catch. 

Collingwood surprised by what he had pulled off, threw the ball away in excitement, knowing he had done something special.

The ball was cracked away by Hayden who could not have expected anyone to pick that out of the air, due to the sheer force at which the ball was struck.

But Paul Collingwood with that catch is number two on the list.  

#1 Ricky Ponting vs Sri Lanka

Coming in at number one is a former Australian captain and leader, Ricky Ponting, who has taken more than a few great catches in his career.  

However, this particular catch during the VB series against Sri Lanka, saw Ponting at mid-on backtrack very quickly, while keeping his eyes on the ball outstretching his right hand over his head, plucking the dropping ball and throwing himself on his back, pulling off one of the greatest one hand catches in cricket history. 

It was an attempted yorker by Nathan Bracken and the ball was too fast forcing the batsmen to mistime his shot, that saw the ball loop in the air, only for Ponting to take an incredible catch.

It is a difficult art to perfect, running back, looking above at the ball and to make it stick, but Ricky Ponting did just that. 

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